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Analytical Space-time!

Aureole of God

A new theory that fundamentally unifies
Special & General Relativity in Chapter 1
and Quantum Mechanics in Chapter 2

Keywords: space, time, wave, deflection, rotation, black hole, gravitation, fundamental, unified theory, Lorentz transformation, cosmology, analytical, tast, astronomy, string

We understand the world by learning and discovering the regularity in our experiences. There are two kinds of regularity, mechanical laws and statistical order. It is Theory of Analytical Space-Time that combines the both theoretically!

Now that the new theory, as commented in a special physics review, has allowed us to see the aureole of God through the general effect of deflection or rotation of space-time, would it lead us to see the true face of God or comprehend the mind of God?

Turn the key, you open the door.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

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